Ugly God is getting tired of people speculating on his future and his current affairs. The rapper posted a collage of his "haters" best work on Instagram. The post which should be taken in jest, proposes the covert art for said project, a Country Music EP. The gag lies in the fact that no one knows what's going on behind closed doors. Ugly God could very well be at his productive peak.

Ugly God quips that if his foilowers pony up enough retweets or mentions he might consider dropping the Country Music EP, which he claims is locked and loaded. Ugly God is such a character that we can't fully rule out the possibility of a hillbilly record. Hypothetically speaking it could sound something like Bubba Sparxxx or Tim McGraw but I wouldn't bet against something new altogether.

This morning Ugly God posted a snippet of him performing an unreleased song, to many plaudits from his fans. The expectations on XXL Freshman are sometimes too much to bear. Sometimes you're better off making your pitch elsewhere. Where do you stand on Country Music or Ugly God's career to date? Comment below.