Ugly God and XXXTentacion got into it on Twitter last night (November 12th), after the latter was rumored to have been arrested in Las Vegas for yet another outburst of physical violence. As per our previous report on the situation, X took to Twitter shortly after the rumors started bubbling up on multiple platforms to dispel those whispers, saying “I’m not going to do anything to get myself arrested. Only time I do anything wrong is if someone fucks with me.” However, he did go on to refer to an unnamed person as a “fa**ot ass ni**a,” which most people took to be Ugly God. Apparently, the "Water" rapper had jokingly tweeted "Free X" as all of this social media drama was unfolding, but XXXTentacion didn't take kindly to the humor. “We don’t play about jail time where I’m from,” he added, blocking Ugly God on Twitter as well.

As a result of all this, Ugly God took to Instagram to post a video rebuttal that attempted to contextualize the back-and-forth that he and X had online. If you ask him, there's no beef. "That's really not the case," he said of those stating that he and the young Florida emcee are "bickering." In fact, Ugly God thinks he's taking the mature approach and explaining his side of the story as clearly as he can. "I'm not jealous of you bro, we do the same s**t in life," he continued, directly addressing XXXTentacion. "We capitalize off the same s**t bro, I do not envy your lifestyle." Ugly God goes on to call X one of the "smartest n****s" and adds that the impulsive reacting to certain things, most of the time from an emotional standpoint, doesn't add up on a logical level. You can check out the full video below.

There is a kind of curious balance that this new exchange strikes, when looking at both Ugly God and XXXTentacion's way of handling this. As with our Walmart story from not long ago, the former is known for stirring the pot from time to time with his over-the-top sense of humor, whereas the latter has shown himself to be slightly more sensitive when he's considered to be the butt of the joke. Only time will tell if these two will publicly mend fences in the near future.