When it comes to Ugly God, his album release build-up has always been an unpredictable one. Near-constant delays and changes plagued the release of The Booty Tape, the rapper's most recent project, however that doesn't mean it impacted the quality of the music in general. Short and potentially a little unfocused, the tracks that made it on to the tape, at the very least, showcased the skills of a young emcee who's honing his game and winning over a fan base while doing so. That being said, Ugly God isn't taking the reception of The Booty Tape for granted. In fact, he's already hard at work on the follow-up.

We reported a little while ago that he was beginning production on a proper debut, with Ugly God detailing how a sit-down with his "demons" helped kickstart that process. Now, he's teased this upcoming album again on Twitter, letting the public know that he's got a ton of fire music in the bank that he's planning on bringing to the masses. He also potentially took a shot at the music establishment that has scorned him in the past, saying "I leveled up on this rap shit before I was completely taken as a joke." Check out his announcement below.

The "joke" he was made out to be may have come courtesy of those he entrusted the roll out of The Booty Tape. It's a sequence of events that left a bad taste in his mouth, explaining the ordeal on Snapchat earlier this month:

"So much shit has happened. Putting this out through my distribution company was hell and was just a constant reminder on why I will never sign. So don’t expect the best. I just want y’all to hear the OG before I really start turning up on these niggas. I will never sign. All I have is MINOR ass distribution deal. But really I’ve gotten to where I’m at all by myself. So that was my mistake even giving this distribution shit a try. But it’s okay. Things will be right back the way they were for me in a few months. I just like trying new things. So thanks to all my supporters that stuck with me through this bumpy lil part in my career. We all good I promise. Moral of the story. If you are smart and responsible enough to do this shit alone. Please do so because there is not one person on EARTH that genuinely wants to help you succeed without wanting a piece of it. It’s life. Love you guys."

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