Ugly God is one of the more eccentric and honest personalities in the world of hip-hop right now. It had led to a steadily growing fan base and more than a few raised eyebrows when it comes to what his process was behind making his recent release The Booty Tape. The creation of the tape, whose tracklist kept getting truncated and changed as the release date approached, made it seem like a bit of an arduous task just to get the thing out there for public consumption. In fact, in a recent chat with industry insider DJ Akademiks, Ugly God admitted that he had no idea how The Booty Tape was going to do sales-wise.

"I didn't know what to think bro, honestly," he said. "[...] I've never dropped anything before, and then there's not really anyone that's dropped anything that I can compare myself to [...] I just really didn't f**king know." However, despite the fact that his sales numbers were on the lower side (under 30,000 sales plus streaming), he has more than recouped all his expenses because of some crazy revelations about the tape. First off, the entire project cost him less than $10,000 to make, in large part because the Wiz Khalifa feature on "No Lies" was free of charge. To get a well-known emcee to guest on your tape and not have to pay for that appearance is a rarity these days, but Ugly God pulled it off.

It's a positive tidbit about a mixtape that Ugly God seems to harbor some disappointment about. Speaking on Snapchat about the project's distribution, he couldn't hold back some of his frustration about the roll out. "So much s**t has happened," he said. "Putting this out through my distribution company was hell and was just a constant reminder on why I will never sign [...] I just want y’all to hear the OG before I really start turning up on these niggas. [...] I’ve gotten to where I’m at all by myself. So that was my mistake even giving this distribution shit a try. But it’s okay." With an official debut album in the works, it doesn't look like the rapper's resolve or determination is going to fade anytime soon.