With hip-hop still reeling from the death of MF DOOM, who passed away at the age of 49, many have taken to social media to pay their respects to the legendary rapper. And while the staggering scope of the love DOOM has been receiving is a testament to his revered status, Ugly God has opted to voice a more cynical take -- one that seems to center around this new age of grieving in a social media world.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images 

Evidently, the self-declared Lizard King has no patience for what he deems to be fake MF DOOM fans, going so far as to bluntly share an Instagram call-out: "ya'll n***as did not listen to doom." Though he later maintained that he was not "gatekeeping," his words did prompt a response from Lil Yachty, who speculated that many were simply paying their respects to a larger-than-life hip-hop figure. To that, Ugly God issued a response, maintaining that it all boils down to intention.

"Ya'll acting like ya'll can't tell the difference between showing respect and being fake sad," he wrote. "Shidd maybe ya'll can't." Regardless of how you might feel about Ugly God's assessment, an argument can be made as to whether it needed to be voiced at this point in time. After all, DOOM's fans have only begun to process his death, and having negativity seep into the conversation ultimately does more harm than good. Do you feel like Ugly God has a point in shining a light on the topic, or should he have left this one well enough alone?