YouTube has a habit of cracking down the law on a lot of content they deem questionable for their standards. In their defense, they have every right to do so. However, as a video platform that creatives have flocked to for the promotion of their videos, some artists are getting the short end of the stick when attempting to express themselves. Take cupcakKe for example. The Chicago rapper has had countless music videos taken down when there is, in fact, no nudity ever shown. She's taken the liberty of cleaning up her act a little while still remaining true to herself but she is a prime example of YouTube's censorship just not working out sometimes.

When it comes to U.K. drill rap, the genre influenced by Chief Keef and King Louie, the police have been at the center of having their videos taken down. The 1011 group has been the biggest victims in this, being ordered by London courts to stop making music. Since censorship has reached a new high for groups like 1011, Block 6 and 410, they are resorting to uploading their music onto PornHub. If they can't get streams on YouTube, why not go to an equally popular medium where similar "explicit" content is viewed?

According to XXL, videos for 410's "Sparkz" and 1011's "Play for the Pagans" can be found on the adult entertainment website. The appearance of drill videos on PornHub comes a month after 1011 was banned from making music altogether. In total, over 30 videos have been removed from YouTube at the police's request that they believe are "clearly and only designed to incite violence and provoke each other."