Uncle Luke revealed in an essay he penned for the Miami New Times, earlier this week, that he caught COVID-19 after feeling peer pressured to attend a friend's birthday party at a local strip club.

Uncle Luke, COVID-19Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Luke, who has made plenty of dance club anthems in the past, explains in the piece:

Recently, I joined the ranks of the more than 1 million Floridians who’ve caught the coronavirus. Throughout the pandemic, I had been strictly adhering to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, especially wearing a mask whenever I stepped out of my house. Then I gave in to the peer pressure of going out to a party. Last month, a friend celebrating his birthday at a local strip club would not stop blowing up my phone. He kept begging me to come. I told myself I would go in for 15 minutes and duck out.

The veteran rapper went on to describe entering the club as "stepping into a coronavirus-spreading chamber." He writes that virtually no masks were being worn and social distancing was completely ignored.

“Soon, I had a fever and my temperature spiked to 102 degrees," he continued. "I went to the hospital, where I had a second PCR test that came back positive,” he wrote. “Because I wasn’t having trouble breathing, they sent me home and told me to quarantine for two weeks.”

Luke concluded his essay advocating for his fans to stand up to peer pressure and stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.