Underrated Audio is back on our mission to supply you with exciting new music you may have missed upon initial browsing, from artists who haven't quite broken the mainstream. The talent is there, the quality uncut. 

It was another busy week in hip-hop. Psychedelic drugs have turned Rocky into an indie-rocker. Though Boosie's off Death Row, his latest album proves he's still the coldest killer in the rap game. And while a cactus continues to grow on The Weeknd's head, he may have just delivered the biggest pop smash of the year-- hitting #1 on our charts even though "I Can't Feel My Face" was taken down minutes after it leaked. If that's not exciting enough for you, there was also some serious dope that hit the underground this week. If you missed these talents upon initial browsing, we hope to pay them their due in this week's edition of Underrated Audio. 

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