As November fast approaches, we're all getting excited to hear Eminem's come-back (we hope) on MMLPII on November 5th. However, October 15th was also an important day for hip-hop, with three of the most dope and underrated emcees all dropping records: Boldy James, Dom Kennedy, and Black Milk. Dom Kennedy is sort of making his way out of that underrated category, with Get Home Safely receiving (most) of the praise its due. However Boldy Blocks' My 1st Chemistry Setdefinitely flew under the radar upon its release, but we always take care of Boldy here on Underrated Audio, as we do with Black Milk, who appears on the list this week with a bonus cut off No Poison No Paradise.

Black Milk also happens to be just one of the four Detroit artists featured on UA this week. Take a look through the others in the gallery above.

What do you think was the most underrated release in the month of October?