Later this month, NBA players will finally be back on the court as try to finish the regular season which was so rudely interrupted by the Coronavirus. As a way to keep the players safe, they are all staying on campus in Orlando, Florida which is being appropriately referred to as the NBA Bubble City. The rules in the bubble are fairly strict as the players aren't allowed any visitors and can only mingle amongst themselves. It's a harsh reality although based on the world we're living in, it's one the players have to get used to.

However, some players are already feeling lonely and want some female companionship. According to the Twitter user Ugly-Anna, she was recently hit up by an unknown NBA player, asking her to come through to the bubble. Unsurprisingly, her first reaction was to tell Twitter because this is 2020, and what even is privacy?

The woman in question went on to say that she and the random player have been laughing at the situation all night and that the social media comments are funny to them. As you can imagine, some fans tried to figure out who the player is, with one fan noting that Montrezl Harrell of the Los Angeles Clippers is actually following her.

Moving forward, the players are going to have to be a lot more careful about who they shoot their shot to in the DMs.