Uno The Activist Clowns The LA Food Scene In The Latest "Snack Review"

Devin Ch
May 10, 2019 12:10

Uno The Activist wires the bodega like a native New Yorker in the latest episode of "Snack Review."

Our "Snack Review" series is back for another go-around with Uno The Activitist sitting before us in the hot seat. The steps are fairly easy to follow. After completing his inspection of a local bodega in the Rotten Manzana, Uno offered us his take on the corner store dynamic. Little did we know, Uno The Activist is actually a bodega savant, as he possesses all the instincts you'd attribute to a native New Yorker.

All to say, yes the corner store is the cornucopia of modern civilization and a pretty universal one at that. Can you name another place where the needy and the greedy intermingle without too much cause for concern, where "the uncles buy smokes," and the stoners give into their indulgences?

Image via HNHH

As Uno entered the establishment, he instinctually where to pick his spots, like an eagle on a perch. He wasn't looking for the hidden wonders or the imported snacks in this given NY neighborhood. Nope, for Uno The Activist, a successful "Snack Review" hinged on him retracing his regular steps the "honey bun way."

Uno still rates Dorito's "Spicy Sweet Chill" at the top of its class. Sometimes he opts for a "salt and vinegar" just to keep things fresh, but he's never too picky about the brand or texture. When he opts for Rice Crispy squares, it's only to meld the snack into its evolutionary form: a chocolatey brick. When he's in LA, he dials his eating habits down to a minimum - the restaurant circuit out there doesn't do it for him. Otherwise, Uno is really in peak form when he's all about his daily influx of Jamba Juice. Check out the following clip, and keep an eye out for new installments of "Snack Review" on a weekly basis.

Image via HNHH
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