Whole Lotta Red isn't just one of the most highly-anticipated albums of the last two years, it's also the cause for a bonding moment between Playboi Carti and UnoTheActivist, two family friends that had a very public falling out a few years ago.

UnoTheActivist clarified earlier this year that, despite popular belief, he is not cousins with Playboi Carti. However, they are childhood family friends, and they used to have a lot of love for one another. Things got ugly in their relationship after Carti seemingly praised the man that shot Uno years ago, straining their bond and ultimately leading to a heated beef. Uno doesn't think that he can ever get back on good terms with the rapper, but he's matured a lot in 2020, deciding to be the bigger man and congratulate his family friend on the upcoming release of his album Whole Lotta Red.

Taking to Twitter, the Atlanta rapper wrote, "congrats on da album @playboicarti luv u." 

As recently as this summer, Uno said he didn't think it would be possible to get close to Carti again. It's unclear if they've made up behind closed doors, but it's looking like that could be the case, especially given Uno's "luv u" at the end.

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

People are responding to the tweet, wondering if Uno is featured on the album and crossing their fingers that they can make up on wax. Do you think that will ever happen?