UnoTheActivist has rewarded his fans for their patience in the anticipation of his next album "Limbus Part 1." The young rapper from Zone 3 Atlanta jumped on Instagram to spread his excitement for the upcoming release with his dedicated following. His IG contained a slide animation of his cover art depicting a demonic angel, or a demonic angel, depending on the side of the bed you slept on. The graphic overtones convey the direction Uno is taking on the project. It's safe to assume the album will signify darker subject matter, as well his personification of death. The accompanying audio clip communicates a message of darkness all the same.

UnoTheActivist has chosen June 1st as the date of its release. He began teasing this announcement a few days ago by posting esoteric mumblings on Twitter. On Friday he mentioned he was in an "in-between state" he referred to as Limbus. By definition, a Limbus refers to an established edge or boundary. It's safe to say, Uno has been locked in a dream sequence where a ladder is the only means of escape. He offered the following remarks to his discerning audience: "Sorry For The Delay, sometimes labels slow the process down smh, JUNE 1st some ascending will end up in LIMBUS, the mightiest will make it out."