If you keep seeing Instagram posts captioned, "until tomorrow," everywhere, don't worry, you're not going stir crazy. The latest Instagram challenge, which has IG users posting random and/or embarrassing photos of themselves along with the cryptic phrase, "until tomorrow," arose out of nowhere, and for seemingly no reason. The lack of context for the photos coupled with the damning and vaguely threatening tagline makes it difficult to decode the purpose of this particular challenge, but it's actually a lot less creepy than it may at first appear to be.

Instagram Until Tomorrow challenge confused photo post embarrassingJustin Sullivan/Getty Images

While the origins of the challenge are unknown, whenever a user participates, they must privately message every person who liked their post and tell them to post their own ridiculous photo of themselves and leave it up until tomorrow—hence, the name of the game. The challenge gained traction as a result of folks desperately seeking a way to distract themselves from the current state of affairs, and the harmless and lighthearted nature of the trend seems to be the perfect way to stay amused amid these difficult times. While the words "until tomorrow" may implicate the end of the world to some, it's really just a fun way to engage with the world while we're all keeping our distance from another.