Rumors have persisted that Usher has been using a burner Twitter account to defend his latest "A" project against detractors. The account in question, under the unassuming name of @Lala20548756, was created as early as 2016, and since October when the "user" began to pick up in activity, has been solely dedicated to the character defense of Usher, on matters both personal and music-related.

In the past week or so, the  @Lala20548756 burner account engaged with several naysayers, including a Twitter user who labeled "A" a "forgettable album. They responded in saying, "The guy made that joint in 5 days. That aint an actual official album lol."

"He was jst havin fun with his birthday on its way. So now that his birthday has gone past, u can forget it peacefully. No one will blame u. lol," the burner account later added, again in response to the original commenter.

Though many on the Internet seem willing to believe the conspiracy, akin to Kevin Durant's burner saga in 2017, Usher's reps have rushed in to perform damage control, notifying Rolling Stone that his "defense budget" doesn't consist of burner accounts. Unless proven disingenuous, we don't have much else to go on. In my day, I've seen many-a-stan go above normal to defend their cherished Usher mantle.