Usher and his stable of attorneys have seemingly reached an accord with herpes victim Laura Helm over their longstanding class action suit. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Helm filed a motion to close up shop on the case, pending a final signature over a settlement package they'd reached outside of court. 

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

For the record, Laura Helm filed her initial lawsuit against Usher in 2017, claiming she'd contracted herpes after having unprotected sex with the singer. Incidentally, the validity of her claims always hinged on whether she was privy to his condition before doing the deed. After several years of protest, Helm has proven herself, to be honest in her intentions.

Helm was initially asking for $10 million back in 2017, but that number ballooned to $20 million after she was forced to endure a long, winding road of "emotional harm," which she incidentally lobbied for as well, in the lawsuit's second amended phase. For undisclosed technical reasons, Helm was forced to dismiss then re-open the case on several occasions before reaching a desirable conclusion this week. No word on how much she's set to earn in the payout. All's well that ends well, even herpes I gather.