It's never okay to put your hands on a woman. Even though people didn't know the complete story of what happened between Vado and Tahiry Jose during their Marriage Boot Camp altercation, that much needs to be said.

Last week, Vado and Tahiry were in the news because of something that popped off during a sit-down on their reality show. The two are currently being featured as a "situationship" couple on Marriage Boot Camp. Apparently, things got heated during filming after Tahiry tossed two apples at Vado's face. Then, when the host brought up Vado's "hot head" nature, he confirmed that he's got a short temper by getting up abruptly and forcefully grabbing Tahiry by her shirt and throat. He was later escorted out.

According to HipHopDX, it's not just the public that is turning on the rapper. Even the people paying his bills are stepping away from him. The publication states that his merch partner has effectively terminated his contract.

"It is never OK to aggressively put hands on a woman and we at Starbreakers cannot stand behind these actions or the lack of empathy and remorse that followed on social media. We wish Vado the best moving forward and hope he can grow from this situation," said Derek Lemire, the managing partner of Starbreakers. 

Both Tahiry and Vado have spoken about what happened. Vado claimed that Tahiry was also in the wrong, somewhat playing the victim while Tahiry made sure the world knew that the violent moment was not scripted.

What do you think about their altercation?