Halle Berry's "Catwoman" is still considered to be one of the worst superhero movies ever made thanks to its horrible cinematography and cheesy dialogue that left moviegoers scratching their heads as they came out of the theatre. In 2021, DC Comics will be releasing a whole new Batman movie appropriately titled The Batman. So far, it looks like Robert Pattinson will play the titular role. Batman will be accompanied by Catwoman and so far, some of the rumors are pointing to Vanessa Hudgens as the one who will take the role of Selina Kyle.

Hudgens got wind of these rumors and hit up her Instagram story this week where she shared some fan made photos of her as the iconic character. In some of the posts, Hudgens alludes to the fact that Catwoman would be her absolute dream role and that she's hoping the good people at DC Comics can actually make it a reality.

It appears as though they're still in the midst of casting so only time will tell whether she gets the role or not. Catwoman is one of those characters that is near and dear to the hearts of comic book fans so it will be interesting to see if the former High School Musical star would be embraced by the community.

Who would you cast as Catwoman?