More strange news involving washed up rappers this afternoon. You might have seen that Afroman was arrested yesterday for knocking out a female fan on stage, and now apparently Vanilla Ice has been arrested as well, although he's facing a more serious charge.

In case you haven't been keeping up with Ice's career, these days he's the host of DIY home improvement show, "The Vanilla Ice Project", where he helps home owners with renovations. Well, during the renovation of one property in Lantana, Florida, an adjacent property had some items go missing. Among the items that were stolen, Variety reports that a bicycle, a pool heater and furniture were stolen. During a police investigation of the burglary, police obtained a search warrant for Ice's Palm Beach County home where they found several of the stolen items. Thus they concluded he "played a role" in the robbery.

Vanilla Ice was brought in by police today, and is being charged with burglary and grand theft in connection to the incident, which reportedly occurred some time last month. Police say that Ice has been cooperative in their investigation.

We'll update as the case unfolds.

[UPDATE: New Details Emerge]

New details on Vanilla Ice's alleged burglary of a Florida home. The reality TV show host told the police that he didn't realize he was stealing property-- the $2.5 million home he took it from was abandoned, and he thought he was simply taking stuff they were planning to throw out. Ice made off with more than $6,500 in goods.

Reports also say that Vanilla Ice had been lying to his TV crew for months, claiming to be the owner of the house they stole from, getting the staff to unwittingly remove items from it on his behalf. However the scheme caught up with, police documents say, after an unknown source flipped on him. Police were able to verify that Ice was not in fact the home owner, and that the property actually belonged to a local realtor.

Vanilla Ice was released on bond last night (his bail was $6,000), and told TV crews that the whole situation was "a misunderstanding" that was "blown out of proportion." He added, "It'll all get cleared up, you'll see".

[via NY Daily News]