Vanilla Ice recently had a scary encounter upon visiting a Haunted House. The whole thing went down at Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum, a place known worldwide for its creepy hallways and the bone-chilling stories tied to the place. The museum's website reads the following blurb with regards to all the experience entails: "This isn’t your average haunted house in Las Vegas; this the go-to destination for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters wanting to see pieces from the “Demon House,” Dr. Kevorkian’s death van, and even the Dybbuk Box. Come take a tour of the Haunted Museum." And it appears Vanilla Ice was one of the museum's recent guests.

Despite previous skepticism, it appears the "Ice Ice Baby" rapper left his doubts at the door. While visiting the Odd Fellow Rooms which has a collection of genuine human skeletons, a video captured Ice randomly jumped out of his seat. The rapper was disturbed and appears to be looking out of the room and moving away from the chair where he was previously sitting. As people question his behaviors, he explains that he felt something touching his neck. "Did you blow on my neck?'" were Vanilla Ice's ways. "It wasn't a little blow. It was real heavy. Like a...(makes blowing noise). And it was freezing cold. I looked up and I didn't see anything like fancy Disney stuff, and I asked her, 'Did you blow on my neck?'" In the end, Vanilla Ice chose "I will not go back in that room."