It appears that Vanilla Ice is getting ready to sell off all sorts of possessions in the leading up to his divorce, but not if his ex-wife has anything to say about it. 

According to TMZ, Vanilla Ice's former spouse, Laura Van Winkle, has gone to a judge in order to prevent Vanilla Ice from selling any more of their shared possessions, although he's already unloaded all of their jet skis already. 

While the loss of the jet skis is a tragic blow, Van Winkle's court order is necessary if she wants to protect their shared assets. Vanilla Ice is reportedly in control of all of their stuff, so unless a judge steps in there's nothing she can do to stop Vanilla Ice from selling any more of their things. 

Van Winkle originally filed her divorce in 2016, so the process is clearly a lengthy one. She's reportedly seeking ownership of their family home, as well as spousal and child support from Vanilla Ice. She's also looking for a full accounting of the sale from the jet skis, of course. 

While Vanilla Ice was at his most successful in the 90's with his smash hit, "Ice Ice Baby," he's kept busy in the years since, staring in television shows and releasing new albums as far back as 2011. Most recently, he's found a spot headlining a cross-country "ilovethe90s" tour, alongside other classic 90's acts like, Salt N Pepa, Coolio, and Tone Loc. He'll have to keep up the touring if he ends up having to pay child support.