Tom Hardy's Venom touches down in theaters nationwide this weekend, and the review embargo has been officially lifted today. That means critics and fans that got to see the movie early can share their opinions of the film now, and the internet seems to be torn between whether Venom is dope, or if it's straight trash. 

It appears that Venom will go over better with fans of the comics than those who just enjoy superhero flicks. Venom's humor and personality, which plays like a darker version of Spider-Man's corny dialogue mixed with Deadpool's incessant ramblings, is front and center in the film. Critics either loved Hardy's interesting duality with Venom, or they hated it. "Sorry to say that #Venom is pretty much a complete failure," wrote one critic. "A tonal mess that feels 15 years old, ignoring the storytelling strides that the superhero genre has made in recent years." It is obvious that this person went into the film with the entire MCU in mind, although this film exists outside of Disney's realm.

"Venom was surprisingly funny! I had a freaking great time watching it," wrote another critic.  "Despite some problems, it did right by its main character, Eddie Brock/Venom. People forget that he's always had a weird sense of humor in the comics, and that humor is fully on display in the movie!" Venom touches down on Thursday night.