Both Venom and A Star Is Born touch down this weekend, and their audiences are not alike. While Venom will draw in a large comic book fandom, as well as Tom Hardy fans, A Star Is Born is a musical. Starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the musical is a remake and has already garnered rave reviews from critics. The audience that will be rushing to theaters to see the Gaga and Cooper's romantic musical will hardly overlap with those going to see Hardy and Venom violently rip through enemies for two hours. Still, Gaga fans have taken it upon themselves to troll Venom with fake movie reviews in an attempt to secure the top box-office spot. 

Buzzfeed investigated the Venom reviews that appeared online on Tuesday, which suspiciously trashed the comic book film while supporting the Gaga musical all in one breath. Once Venom fans began to catch on to the trolling, it was discerned that many of the "critics" were bots. 

One user named @LGMonster95 admitted to there being a "coordinated effort" to trash Venom in support of Gaga's film. Similar to Beyonce's "Bey-Hive," Gaga has a swarm of online fans called The Little Monsters. The team of crazed fans have been caught up in drama in the past, and were involved in trolling Ed Sheeran off Twitter for a moment.