Tom Hardy is set to lead the Marvel sleeper movie of the year. Venom isn't expected to do Black Panther numbers, or even Deadpool 2 numbers, but the symbiote anti-hero might shock audiences across the world. Although Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen in the trailers, Venom is one of Peter Parker's most infamous villains. He first appeared on screen in Spider-Man 3, which is widely considered the worst Spidey movie in the hero's long history. Topher Grace, more famously known as Eric Foreman, played the alien villain, and no one was convinced. The gruff and muscular Tom Hardy looks the part, and hopefully, he'll knock the role out the park.

A short clip from Venom was released online via IGN, and it shows Eddie Brock meeting the villainous Dr. Carlton Drake for an interview.  “I have always believed that space exploration is crucial in our quest to cure everything that ails us here on Earth,” states Dr. Drake as the cameras are rolling. Hardy digs deeper, asking, "How does it go about, testing pharmaceuticals." After referencing allegations of experiments, Dr. Drake dismisses the interview in a brief but tense standoff with Brock. We already know both men will end up fusing with symbiotes in the film, and it's interesting to get a glimpse of their dynamic pre-superpowers.  

Venom hits theaters on  October 5.