Tom Hardy is set to take on the role of Venom, one of Spider-Man's most infamous foes. The symbiote originally belonged to Peter Parker, but he ripped the living costume from his skin once he learned it was attempting to bond with him forever. That storyline will get pushed to the side, as Hardy and Sony carve out their own universe separate from the Avengers. 

Although Venom will exist in his own universe, that hasn't stopped Hardy from admitting that he'd love to see an Avengers cross-over. Hardy and co-star Riz Ahmed recently sat down with MTV to speak about the upcoming film, and both actors opined about crossing movie universes. Hardy states that he would love to "run through all the Avengers," and excitedly explains that being a part of the bigger Disney/Marvel universe would be amazing. Still, he isn't begging for approval, and reminds the interviewer that Sony has over 900 Marvel characters in their arsenal that they can work with without the Avengers. 

Hardy and Ahmed both believe that Venom would eat the Avengers, but the latter thinks a Hulk versus Venom scene would be epic. I agree. While the two actors discuss how hard it would be to eat someone the size of the Hulk, they also touch on several aspects of the film. Check out the full interview below.