A teaser trailer for Venom dropped earlier this year, and fans of the anti-hero were extremely disappointed with the footage. Although I will always agree that less footage is better than more, there was not even a peek at Venom himself, only Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. Now, Sony has sent an apology to fans in the form of an epic official trailer that shows the Symbiote in all of his glory. 

The new trailer actually leaked online last night first. Only a clip of Hardy transforming into Venom made its way online in a low-resolution shot that still rocked the internet. A few hours later, Sony released the full trailer, which gives fans almost 3 minutes of action and backstory. Two of my personal favorite Venom storylines will be loosely adapted in the film. Lethal Protector, which is a story arc that finds Venom fighting crime in San Fransico, and Planet of the Symbiotes, where Venom's evil counterparts invade the planet. In the comics, Venom is sometimes a hero as he only truly has hatred for Peter Parker and Spider-Man for ditching him. Originally, Peter Park wore the black Symbiote suit, only to realize it was attempting to merge with him permanently. Peter rips the suit off and almost kills it, making Venom vengeful. Other than his hatred for Parker (and his allies), Venom is usually a hero, and he kills villains who would threaten regular civilians. Look at him as an alien Dexter of sorts. Spiderman will be busy in the MCU, so we doubt he will make an appearance in the new Venom movie, but who knows. Check out the new trailer below. 

Venom hits theaters on October 5.