VETEMENTS and Reebok's Instapump Fury collaboration has been met with a lot of criticism. VETEMENTS is one of those high-end streetwear brands that tend to get a lot of flack for their minimalist designs and expensive prices. When they teamed up with Reebok, many of the Instapump Fury models that came out were met with a ton of pushback because they looked pretty odd and cost close to $1000. Well, neither brand has really cared about the criticism as they're back with another Instapump Fury, this time going for the graffiti aesthetic. 

These kicks have a primarily white base with black and pink writing all over them. The writing itself is pretty indecipherable and hard to read. Not to mention, it appears as though the graphics are mostly scribbled instead of actually written. Just looking at the kicks head on you can tell there is a lot going on. Not to mention, they feature that chunky dad shoe aesthetic that has become so popular over the last few years.

Image via Sneaker News

If you're interested in these, you'll have to shell out a few bills as these will run you $990 USD. Although they are available now so you if you have some extra money laying around, now's your chance to stunt.