Vic Mensa & G-Eazy Live Out Post-Apocalyptic Fantasies In "Reverse"

Mitch Findlay
August 06, 2018 11:55

Vic Mensa & G-Eazy throw a leather-clad post-apocalyptic party.

Amidst beefs and break-ups, the duo of Vic Mensa and G-Eazy have managed to unite to make a hit. Enter "Reverse," which recently earned the video treatment, courtesy of director Bobby Hanaford. The clip finds both parties dressed for what looks like the Merovingian's S&M tinged bash in Matrix Revolutions. That is to say, leather en masse. In fact, "Reverse" borrows heavily from the stylized motif of Mad Max, blending scorching desert scenery, pimped-out cars, and fetishistic imagery. 

Both Mensa and young Gerald commit to the part, surrounding themselves with eager vixens and watching a bare-knuckled brawl for good measure. Post-apocalyptic G-Eazy appears even more carefree than his predecessor, with a bearded-new-look as if to say "devil-may-care." Overall, "Reverse" is a solid clip, if a little familiar, and both parties seem to willingly commit to the aesthetic. Peep the video now, and sound off below - are ya'll feeling this one?

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