Vic Mensa has reportedly been arrested for a very unusual reason. According to TMZ, the punk-rock rapper allegedly discovered he was unknowingly breaking California law earlier this month, when he was charged with felony possession of...brass knuckles? Vic was cruising around on his motorcycle in Glendale when a police officer noticed him supposedly making an unsafe turn. According to law enforcement sources, the officer pulled him over and proceeded to pat him down to inspect his person. The officer then found the brass knuckles in Vic's pants pocket.

It may seem unusual that these "fist-load weapons" are banned in California, considering they're legal for self-defense circumstances in most states. While Vic managed to avoid getting ticketed for his alleged unsafe turn, he definitely got the short end of the stick when he was booked under the felony charge of possessing brass knuckles. He was later released after posting a $20,000 bond. 

Yuchen Liao/Getty Images

Vic caused caused quite the controversy last month following the death of Chicago rapper, Juice WRLD, when he claimed that a culture of glorifying drug use in rap music was too blame for the young artist's devastating passing. Vic asserted that the older hip hop generation has a responsibility to promote positivity to the younger generation, in order to avoid tragedies like Juice WRLD.