Vic Mensa Breaks Down "Reverse" On "Between The Lines"

Mitch Findlay
June 08, 2018 13:00

Vic Mensa breaks down his latest single on a line-by-line basis.

Vic Mensa recently came through with the G-Eazy assisted "Reverse," and early reactions confirm banger status. A stark change of pace for the politically-savvy intellect, Mensa sounded comfortable over a more trap-inspired beat; in fact, the uptempo, 808-driven production provided the technically proficient rapper with a refreshing canvas. In short, flexing ensued. 

Seeing as this is Vic Mensa we're talking about, a little bit of stunting hardly serves to sacrifice the lyricism. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the rapper for "Between The Lines." He proceeded to break down his bars for the masses, kicking the session by explaining the track's creation. "I wanted to put music into the world makes people move," says Mensa. "A lot of people are fuckin' with this joint."

He proceeds to elaborate on his relationship with Young Gerald, whom he has been rocking with since the age of eighteen. "Me and G-Eazy did a show together at The Observatory when I was still in a band," says Mensa. "I like doing music with people that I'm really friends with, and people that I know are good people." 

"I was thinking about this DB11 I was driving around LA," says Mensa. "I probably made that song not long after racin' a n***a...I was racin' Big O, my jeweler...That was my inspiration." As they say, having fancy toys can often ignite unexpected bouts of creativity.

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