Vic Mensa is entering the media scrum at the just the right time for his signature sneaker to drop. A Michigan-based boot company called Wolverine is banking on his star potential. They are in the midst of designing his very own 1000 Mile Sneaker, leather-clad Chukka boot currently priced at $285. 

The Vic Mensa version of the mid-ankle boot will feature a signature silhouette unlike the rest of the line. The Mensa version will be outfitted with a Vibram sole for added traction and a special leather born out of Chicago, the rapper's hometown. The Chukka boot and Vic Mensa are a natural fit. The Chicago rapper is known to keep away from sneaker culture, and is reportedly very fond of "skinhead subculture of England’s youth in the 1960s."

"We’re just excited to work with Vic. He isn’t just a musician. He’s clearly into the fashion space, and after meeting him this morning he's clearly into the boot," says Wolverine's VP of Marketing, Andrew Shripka. "We love the philanthropy, too. We’re just excited to see where he can take some of his ideas."

Vic Mensa for his part seems excited to keep things local, on a level of politics and shared cultural values. There's a hope Vic will intern at Wolverine on a bright shiny day.