Back in January 2020, Vic Mensa was charged with felony possession of brass knuckles. The incident was an accident on Vic's part, since many states do not ban brass knuckles. They are illegal in California though, which Vic learned the hard way. The young rapper was pulled over by police in Glendale for allegedly making an unsafe turn. After being searched by law enforcement, the officers found the brass knuckles in Vic's pocket. He was charged with felony brass knuckle possession and arrested at the time with a $20,000 bond. Now, the rapper is getting a little bit of good luck as far as sentencing goes. 

TMZ is now reporting that Vic has avoided the felony charge. According to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, Vic will not be charged a felony, but he will be charged with possession of brass knuckles. He is facing up to a year in county jail if he is convicted. Vic has entered a charge of not guilty, so he is aiming to beat the case. There used to be a loophole in California law that allowed those in possession of other hard knuckles to get off, but that has since been fixed. We wish Vic the best in beating the charge.