This past week has been a sad one since two survivors from the February 2018 Parkland shooting have committed suicide due to PTSD and survivors guilt. We also just posted about the father of the Sandy Hook victim who also took his life after his six-year-old daughter was killed during the elementary school massacre. 

Vic Mensa, who has been very vocal about the need for gun control, has responded to the second Parkland suicide with a post on Instagram. The "Down On My Luck" musician shared an image of a headline regarding the sad news, with a caption detailing how each survivor is dealing with "no small feat."

"A year ago I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with some of these brave young men & women at the march for our lives. sometimes tragedy forces the best out of ppl and I feel like that has happened with these kids," he wrote.

"To withstand constant attacks on your character in the wake of such a situation is no small feat, my blessings action & energy are with y’all. I’ve seen a lot of them since then and it still blows my mind every time I hear Joaquin family tell me how much he fucked w my music... we remain dedicated to ending the carnage in your name."