Desus Nice and The Kid Mero just finished their 172 episode season one series on Viceland. Their daily, late-night show shares their thoughts on all the pop-culture happenings and entertainment with notable guests for interviews such as Method Man, Terry Crews and Damian Lillard. Their Viceland bio that reads, "watch us because Mero has mad kids and Desus loves sneakers and we’re funny and the other late night shows are corny AF," sums up exactly who these guys are and how they've managed to secure such a huge online following. They boast 110K Twitter followers and 107K Instagram followers.


Season two of Desus & Mero premiered this past Monday (October 16th).

Broadening their horizons, the duo has now secured a spot discussing NBA coverage for ESPN, more specifically growing the channels digital platforms. An official press release from the sports broadcasting company said:

ESPN is collaborating with comedy duo Desus Nice & The Kid Mero, “Desus & Mero” from Viceland, to create short videos featuring their commentary about on the biggest NBA storylines on and off the court — from blockbuster trades to evolving hairlines, notable hirings to questionable fashion choices, as well as their bold predictions for the upcoming year. The shorts will be incorporated across ESPN’s NBA coverage on digital, social and TV platforms.

A clip from their first episode hit the web showing the two, who met in high school, delivering exactly what is promised - petty gossip and alleging a certain ballplayer as someone who "makes fun of everybody." This video is a clear teaser for what the guys will deliver throughout the NBA season. Watch below.

The NBA 2018 season kicked off last night where you guys had a chance (and still do) to vote on which team may dethrone The Warriors. As of right now, The Cavs lead the scoreboard with 50% of votes with the least likely voted are the Houston Rockets with 4%.