Earlier this Summer, Busta Rhymes was arrested in New York after he was said to have been involved in an altercation with an employee. It was reported that the rapper actually threw a protein shake at the worker, which was a pretty insane picture to paint in your head -- but you'll no longer need to use your imagination when thinking about the incident, as security footage has now made its way online.

Through the new video, we now see that the ordeal happened at the front desk, and while we don't get to hear the audio, Busta's reaction goes beyond just throwing a shake, going on to toss the employee's computer aside and continuing to confront the man as his security guard attempts to intervene. 

According to a Page Six interview with Ole Hernandez, the employee seen in the video, Busta was reacting to news he could not enter the gym without speaking to the owner. The halt at the door was due to a previous incident in which Busta allegedly made racist and homophobic remarks towards Hernandez when his cameraman was denied entry.

Busta was able to score a plea deal which left him with no jail time, but did require him to take anger management classes.

Watch the footage below.