Remember last month when 50 Cent called out a video vixen by the name of Sally Ferreira, for allegedly pretending to be his girlfriend and leaking photos from their video shoot together? Well, Ferreira is now seeking revenge against 50, filing a new lawsuit for defamation.

Ferreira claims that Fif falsely accused her of leaking the video shoot photos, as well as spreading rumors that she was dating him. In fact, the model says she has been openly engaged to her fiance for nine years. 

50 put the video lady on blast not only on his Instagram account but on Twitter (he has a combined +9 million followers), which included a warning not to work with Ferreira. The posts have since been deleted, but Ferreira claims they put a hindrance on her budding modelling career, as well as created a lot of emotional distress because of public ridicule.

She's seeking damages in the millions.