Record producer/executive Vince Herbert, also known as Tamar Braxton's ex-husband, is finding himself in some financial turmoil after he refused to pay an owed debt of approximately $380,000. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Herbert had previously lost a lawsuit to a creditor called LDNX Records but has refused to hand over the funds causing the company to open yet another legal claim. In the past year, Herbert's financial woes have come in droves of different types of lawsuits for unfulfilling his duties of payment to several different types of entities. Now, a new development in Vince Herbert's financial strains has some wondering if the producer is financially stable following new legal action being opened against him in a New York Court. Vince Herbert, Tamar Braxton's Ex, Refuses To Pay $380K Judgement

Moses Robinson/Getty Images 

The newly filed court documents state that LDNX Records obtained a judgment over Herbert for the amount of $380,492.63 last year, but have not been able to receive their justified payment from Braxton's estranged husband after trying to get in contact with the executive multiple times. The company allegedly attempted to get creative reaching out to artists he's worked with in the past including Lady Gaga and Remy Ma

With no luck, LDNX Records has been forced to open up another official lawsuit against Herbert's Streamline Records in hope that the judicial system will force the executive to pay up. The creditor is hoping for the judge to grant the motion for them to begin seizing Herbert's property and assets. The document reads:

"Despite Plaintiff’s repeated efforts to obtain payment from Defendant relating to the Award, the Defendant has failed and refused to pay any portion of the Award." It continues, "(We want) the sum of THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-TWO AND 63/100 DOLLARS ($380,492.63), with interest from June 26, 2017, plus costs, is actually due and owing from Defendant to Plaintiff."

During the initial court dispute, LDNX demanded Herbert be held in contempt of court for failing to turn over his financial records and blowing off his court-ordered duties for months. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to Vince Herbert's courtroom battles. 

In March 2019, he was sued for a total of $38K over unpaid rent in a swanky Los Angeles condo. The following month, it was revealed that the record label owner owed over $4 million in back taxes. Then in Sept. 2019, Herbet was accused of funneling and hiding funds in order to avoid paying Sony Music $3.7 million in owed funds.

Hopefully, Vince Herbert's financial woes aren't as bad as they appear to be from the outside looking in and he takes accountability for his actions and pays the companies what they're owed. As of right now, a judge has yet to rule against LDNX's latest legal action against Herbert. Stick with us as details unfold.