Vince Staples and CEO of VladTV DJ Vlad wound up going back and forth on Twitter today. After Vlad suggested that Vince was "mad" at him in a tweet, Vince suggested that he doesn't "know" the YouTube interviewer, which led to a series of tweets regarding the "credibility" of Vlad's conversations with artists.

DJ Vlad has previously faced criticism for asking artists about their affiliations with gangs and the like. In December, Lil B tweeted “Any u rappers new and old doing interviews with DJ Vlad y’all looking real burnt y’all f-cking with a rat and snitch y’all marks," which Young Thug endorsed with a retweet. The uncle of late Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh wrote an open letter to Vlad, calling him a "culture vulture," after he chose to interview Bankroll's killer.

Vince last appeared in a VladTV interview in 2014. He recently did an interview with Nardwuar where he spoke of how Ja Rule "technically" saved his life ("featuring Ashanti... we gotta give her her credit").