Vince Staples thinks things like When the hit 2004 game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (which served as the basis for the latest GTA installment) came out, people claimed that it helped the video game industry grow, but no one expected it to help a future, budding musician grow as an artist. Vince Staples was just a kid when that game came out and when 50 was coming up with great music, but he explained that the maniacal, sandbox video game and the seminal recording artist, 50 Cent, actually served as an inspiration for him to develop as a serious recording Hip-Hop artist.

When responding to a question posed by Complex back during SXSW about the darker undertones in his music, Vince explained that we aren't always happy all of the time at the music serves as an outlet. Vince explained, "I went through a lot of things in my life that was kind of unnecessary. When I was in the 3rd grade, that's when 50 Cent came out. So 50 Cent, San Andreas all at the same time, we was like 'This is how it's supposed to be,' and we really went through all that. And over time, we were like, this is stupid, it's not worth it, but you can't be just like I quit. So, with my music, I really got a chance to get away from all that, even though every person I associate with is still in that."

Sounds like GTA and 50 served as a bit of a bad influence on Vince, but that's cool since both things are great. And Vince is great, too. Ever since he showed up on Sweatshirt's "Hive" and stole the show (and Earl himself is fantastic) he's been one to follow. Staples explained the meaning behind the name of his latest, Shyne Coldchain II.

"So it was a joke, I was like alright I'm about to drop a mixtape, I'm about to go to jail. And I was like Shyne dropped an album and went to jail, Rosco P Col dropped an album and went to jail."

You can watch the full interview below.