Vince Staples offered up a headline for us to use, so it's only right that we jump at the opportunity. The North Long Beach rapper went on a Twitter rant last night suggesting that journalists covering hip-hop should not be allowed to do so until they show the furniture in their homes. The rant stemmed from Vince spilling apple juice on a Vico Magistretti couch, saying, "IF YOU GONNA SPEAK ON WHAT WE OUT HERE DOING WE NEED TO SEE IF YOU COMFORTABLE WITH SHOWING US WHERE YOU SIT WHEN YOU WATCH ATLANTA ON FX." 

Vince followed up by saying that, after speaking with Lil Yachty, the Atlanta-based "One Night" rapper is uneased by those who speak ill of his music. In fact, Boat is busy balling out on high-end furniture as Vince assuredly says that Yachty has no "CLEARANCE IKEA SHIT IN HIS HOUSE," urging people not to critique him until they can say the same. 

He continued by backing up the "team light-skinned general" Logic by tweeting out to those who are throwing nerd jokes at the man that he's gonna need to see your furniture before you continue. The home decor-based rant follows Vince's IDGAF attitude, preaching to those who don't agree with his opinions to get the f-ck off his d-ck. Azealia Banks was also brought up in the tweets before Vince took a break to clean the juice stain off his couch but it's a classic rant nonetheless. Check out the flurry of tweets below and remember: don't be critiquing if you're sitting on some clearance IKEA.