Vince Staples stopped by Real 92.3's Big Boy's Neighborhood to promote his latest album FM! this week, and the West Coast mastermind touched on the death of Mac Miller. It's been an intense year when it comes to suicides, with deaths of high profile celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain, Mac Miller, and Avicii rocking the industry. Mental health has become one of the most important topics of discussion in 2018, and Staples believes that Mac was genuinely happy. 

"He was trying. All you can ask for is for somebody to try. You can't always win, you know?," stated a visibly saddened Staples. "Nah, I never seen him dying," responded Staples when Big Boy asked if he possibly saw the overdose coming. "He was too happy. But to be honest, the good ones always die," he continued. "So it makes sense in retrospect, but I was never worried about him."

"He was bright," revealed Staples before commenting on all the people showing Mac love after his passing. "As far as all them people, it's all good. I appreciate what they say but, I need them to say that to his momma. And say that to his family, and check on them. That's what I care about."