As one of Hip-Hop's most outspoken rappers, Vince Staples' Twitter is typically a sight to behold. From debates about which region produces the best rappers to wild Ray J-related hot takes, the FM! artist is known for expressing his opinions, even if it offends others in the process. While we await his two forthcoming albums, it appears that Vince has found himself in yet another Twitter spat.

On Wednesday, Vince Staple was inviting his followers to engage in an NBA playoff-inspired poll about what qualifies basketball players as "clutch" when songwriter, producer, and former blogger DDot Omen quoted his poll with a video that showed several Asian Crips casually saying the n-word. Adding to the spontaneity of DDot's tweet, the Grammy-nominated artist slammed Vince with the question, "Why you letting Asians crips say n*gga?"

In his initial reaction to DDot, Vince wrote back, "I don’t know nobody in this video but if you got a problem I can take you over there right now and you can speak yo mind." He quickly made another tweet about how people tend to think that all crips know each other, and it almost appeared like Vince was ready to move on and get back to talking about basketball.

However, it appears that fans weren't letting the Long Beach rapper live down the video, so he started firing back at his followers as well. "I'm weird but not the man complaining to me about some people I don't know cause they 'Crips' you n*ggas need fathers," Vince writes in one of the tweets. After joking about the lack of official organization within the Crips, he explained his initial response to DDot, saying, "How you let somebody you don't know say something? If I'm letting them than you letting them."

Check out the rest of Vince Staple's Twitter rampage below, complete with references to Jackie Chan's role in Rush Hour.

Do you agree or disagree with Vince Staple's position on the matter?