There are some male celebrities that the ladies just go wild for. You already know who I'm talking about. Michael B. Jordan, Jesse Williams, and others are usually named on those lists. As far as music goes, there are also some singers and rappers that attract more female attention than others. 

When one Tik Tok user asked her grandmother to rate some of the hottest male celebrities from 1-10, she ended up going viral because of her granny's reaction to some of the guys. She was downright astonished, rating everybody a perfect score and lusting over some regular suspects.

Mike Windle/Getty Images

Showing a photo of Dave East, Odedra Scrivens' grandmother was quick to rate him a perfect ten. Later on, she shows her Trey Songz, who she thinks she recognizes from the barbershop down the street. Nevertheless, he also got a perfect ten. Grandma also rated Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky, and Drake a ten but one man seriously caught her eye.

When a shirtless picture of Morris Chestnut popped on the screen, she damn-near lost her mind. "I wish I could give him more than a ten," she says, trying to keep her cool.

The bald-headed men got the best reaction out of her but still, she's feeling pretty much everybody it seems. Check the hilarious video below.


Y’all know my grandma love bald head men 🤣🤣🤣 ##fyp##foryoupage##viral##xcyzba##quarantine##funny

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