The recent Louis Vuitton fashion show that took place during Paris Fashion Week was a significant moment not just for the brand's artistic director of men's wear, Virgil Abloh, but also for streetwear and the future of fashion as a whole. Aside from the bomb ass looks that walked the runway, there was one particularly memorable moment and it was when Virgil walked into the arms of Kanye West and they both hugged it out for a good few minutes, accompanied by some tears. 

Virgil recently chatted with Naomi Campbell about the show and he explained just why he got so emotional. "Well, Kanye was the guy when it was completely unpopular that said, 'I am not to be typecast into a box,' like, he willed it for us," he said, as seen in the video below. "Go back, he was like, 'We're going to Fashion Week,' this place where we can't get in. That dream is his just as much as it's mine. In my dream, it was him down the runway."

He added: "That show was us. That link wouldn't have happened unless I had acknowledged that Kanye stood from a mountaintop long ago and yelled, saying, 'The future of fashion will be like this!' I wanted the world to see that the guy who fought for this moment is a part of it and is uniquely linked to me doing it."

Watch the full conversation below.