Although Virgil Abloh is the creative director of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, he is also known for dipping his toes in the music industry. He's directed a video for Lil Uzi Vert, has worked closely with Kanye over the years and has been known for his live DJ sets. Until now, though, he's never actually made his own original songs. 

Abloh has released a new EP called Orvnge in collaboration with the German producer/DJ Boyz Noize. The project features three songs: "Orvgne," "???" and "Sirene." The songs are just about the opposite of what one would expect from someone so involved with the hip-hop world, they are minimal and very, well, German-sounding. But, they do have some echoes of past hip-hop like the minimal and electronic Yeezus or even Jay Dilla's drum-focussed Donuts. 

The release of Orvnge comes at a time when Abloh is at the height of his fame, less than a month after his groundbreaking first show for Louis Vuitton, which featured the band BadBadNotGood playing Kanye covers and unconventional models like Kid Cudi and Playboi Carti. And this is only the past month. Abloh has also been making waves over the past year for his hyped collaborations with Nike and Ikea. 

Abloh announced that the project will be available to stream and order on vinyl on his Instagram page with some Off-White visuals: