Virgil Abloh has become one of the most esteemed designers in the fashion world thanks to his work with Off-White and more recently, Louis Vuitton. While Abloh has seen tremendous success, he has also received hefty criticism for his unique designs and work environments that appear to lack diversity. Regardless of how you feel about Abloh, there is no denying his influence on the fashion world.

According to the Blast, Abloh is being sued by a New York-based company called OFFWHITE, who allege that Abloh stole their name. The company was founded in the late 90s and describe themselves as a company who “provides wholistic creative solutions to creators of new goods and services integrating innovative marketing, advertising, and other business approaches to product and brand development.” Abloh created Off-White in 2012 and according to OFFWHITE, the designer has been violating their trademarks. 

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

The company has decided to resort to a lawsuit because Abloh allegedly ignored various cease and desists. According to the report, Abloh allegedly filed his own trademarks to try and shut the company up. As of right now, OFFWHITE is seeking an unknown amount of damages and every single profit Abloh has made while using the Off-White name. They also want Abloh to change the company's name entirely.

This is definitely a sticky situation for both companies so stay tuned for updates on this lawsuit.