It's been a long season of college basketball that was marked by some incredible performances by future NBA stars and teams that surprised us along the way. On Monday night, the season was wrapped up with the National Championship game between Virginia and Texas Tech. In the end, it was Virginia who came out victorious with a 85-77 overtime win. This was the first time the Cavaliers had ever won the National Title and it was also the first time the team had ever made it to the final game. After the win, the team cut the nets down to celebrate a hard fought season.

As for the team's fans though, well they got a little bit more creative with it. In a video shot by reporter Austin Kellerman, UVA fans can be seen on the streets setting fire to a couch, all while jumping up and down screaming the lyrics to "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes. Fortunately for these fans, no one was arrested and everyone was able to remain safe.

Other fans were a little bit more subtle with their celebrations. The UVA campus was flooded with students who took to the streets to salute their team for a phenomenal National Title game.

Were you happy with the results or were you pulling for Texas Tech?