Vivica A. Fox is hopping back on the grid in a major way with the upcoming premiere of her daytime talk show Face The Truth. Vivica will be joined by Judge Mary Chrzanowski, clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, lawyer and advocate Areva Martin and model and life coach Rosie Mercado to talk about all things entertaining and informative. 

"Face The Truth is a fresh addition to the television landscape," executive producer Jay McGraw said. "We have an incredibly talented cast with strong opinions who deliver a show that is entertaining, informative and highly watchable."

Vivica added: "We are trying to change people's lives for the better. We have guests from all walks of life and we help them face the truth - straight up, no chaser." Some topics of conversation include dating, relationships and parenting where the studio audience and at home viewers can weigh in on the conversation. 

The show premieres September 10th.