The VMA's has been getting bigger and better with each year. They've managed to get some of the most talked about and revered artists to create some very memorable moments in pop culture. This year, they've been slowly unraveling performers for their event. Each week, they seem to be letting a little cat out of the bag of who to expect. Last week, they dropped the news that they will be getting Kendrick Lamaras a performer for the evening and this week, they've announced a whole slew of other performers that you should be very excited for.

On a Tweet sent out from MTV"s account today, they announced that they'll be adding Gucci Mane, Khalid, Logic, Post Malone and Julia Michaels as performers for the evening. They will be joining a list of other high-profile performers as well. While there hasn't been any sort of information on what any of these artists will be performing from their catalogue, with VMA resources behind each artist, there's definitely bound to be something special that will happen during the evening. With the five artists officially announced as performers for the evening, they'll be alongside Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Fifth Harmony, Lorde and more. 

Post Malone is the only artist that's been announced as a performer without a nomination. Gucci Mane has two awards he's nominated for, "Best Pop" and "Best Choreography" for his collaboration with Fifth Harmony. Logic has one nomination in the "Best Fight Against The System" for his song "Black Spiderman." Khalid has one nomination for "Best New Artist." Each artist is deserving of their position as a performer and nominee considering the amount of buzz and work they've put in this year.

The VMA's is lining up some pretty dope performers for their 2017 edition with many of hip hop's most notable artists having a big role this year. Thusfar, Kendrick Lamar is the leader in nominations this year with eight nods under his belt. It should be a great award show this year, especially with the announcement of the performers as they days itch closer to the award date.

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