Every so often, a day rolls around in which several prominent releases drop in unison. Such days are generally celebrated by the hip-hop community, though they do present a unique sort of predicament. Which one to queue up first? Some might say it's a good problem to have. Today, fans found themselves torn between the likes of Travis Scott's Astroworld, Mac Miller's Swimming, and YG's Stay Dangerous, among other notable drops. In fact, some may have even found themselves drawn toward Iggy Azalea, Baka Not Nice, or Moneybagg Yo's efforts. 

In any event, it seems like Astroworld is a formidable contender to beat; with a cavalcade of high-powered features and a years-in-the-making backstory, the sheer aura of mystique was no doubt magnetic to even the most ardent skeptic. Yet Mac Miller's project seems likely to flourish with every passing day, and YG's been known to drop bangers on a consistent basis. Even Iggy's drop was led by a notable Tyga assisted banger, complete with a chorus likely penned by a perverse Dr. Seuss imitator: "Cash, ass, cash, ass, ass, cash, cash, ass."

We're curious to know, which of the many albums emerged as the day's winner? Take a second and vote for your favorite below, perhaps sounding off in the comments for good measure.